(Published on the UVIVOICE on April 15, 2015)

FELICIA EMMANUEL | ST.CROIX – Two St. Thomas students, each vying for this year’s position as student representative to the University of the Virgin Islands’ Board of Trustees presented their platforms on Monday, April 13, in the Cafetorium.

The position which alternates between the St. Thomas and St.Croix campuses, allows the elected individual to act as the student liaison to the university’s executive board.

Standing on stage before a mixed crowd of faculty and students, candidates Devon Williams and Hakim Potter, both expressed their desire to be “the voice” students needed in the university.

The first candidate, UVI student Devon Williams, based his platform on three pillars – synergy, communication and an active voice.

“The reason I chose synergy is because of the fact that in order for the best decision to be made on behalf of the student body, we must first come together and decide what is the best course of action in terms of the decisions being made by the board,” Williams said.

Williams’ second pillar, communication, was founded on the need for constant communication which would be done using social media, email and other modes of communication. This approach ensured that communication with his St. Croix constituents would not be lost.

From left to right: UVI student Devon Williams, SGA President Sophia Johnson, Student Activities Supervisor, Hedda Finch-Simpson, and UVI student Hakim Potter. Photo Credit: Felicia Emmanuel

Williams also promised an active voice regarding issues affecting students so that they “become more aware of what is happening and less things strike students as a surprise when they are involved in every process and every step of the changes being made to the school.”

Junior Business Administration student Hakim Potter’s slogan, “I am you,” reminded the student body that he was focused on representing them.

“As students, we generally have no say, or we believe we generally have no say,” Potter said regarding students who felt powerless to administrative decisions.

He believed that it was time for the students to be heard. Careful with his promises, Potter assured students that the process would be “held up until we come to a peaceful compromise.”

“We need things to be done how we want things to be done,” he said. “I could assure you that if I am appointed to this position, all situations and all things being spoken about by the board will be presented to the student body.”

For more information about the Albert A Sheen campus elections, contact the Student Activities Office at 692-4228.